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data should belong
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Humanity is at a crossroad, and we need to change

We’ve been taught that change is hard. Well, with open, collaborative learning it doesn’t have to be!

With ProptechCore – the only proptech system providing a truly open and collaborative platform – the built environment can transition to become more profitable and reach NetZero easier and smarter than ever before.

The challenge

It takes a village

Building owners are looking to lower their energy usage, costs and reduce carbon emissions to comply with increasingly stricter regulations. They turn to proptech systems for help and the proptech business is booming. But the transition to valuable insights and real results is still too slow. Why?

To really save energy and reduce carbon emissions, data from just a few buildings are simply not enough!

Our Solution

The only truly open and collaborative platform

With ProptechCore, all systems in a building connects to the open platform. The owner controls and owns all building data through a digital twin, and get a secure collection of structured big data on energy savings pattern which can give you input on how to optimize your energy usage.

Everything in a scalable, sustainable way!

Our future

A digital mind, that shares her knowledge

So instead of going with traditional proptech system, that merely provide analytics for a single or closed group of buildings at a time, you get AI-generated learnings from all connected buildings­ with a federated AI-patented Auto discovery.

You will then not only achieve optimal energy usage and cost savings quicker and smarter every day, you will also contribute to accelerating the path to net zero carbon emissions on a global scale.

Change really doesn’t have to be hard.

global pioneers
ProptechCore is founded on a simple belief that energy-savings data belong to everyone. There is no competition in saving our planet – we all need to work together – and we are so happy that some of the world's greatest tech, real estate and production companies agree.

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